Tracey Rimell is a writer and advocate of self-acceptance. She is a qualified Reiki Master and Rahanni Energy Healing Practitioner, and has also trained in counselling skills, acted as a mental health supporter, and worked with children with special educational needs.

In addition to her background in holistic therapies, Tracey also studied journalism and has over a decade of experience working in the media and communications industry.

Her knowledge of alternative therapies, alongside her understanding of the role that the media plays in shaping how we perceive ourselves, prompted her to launch Break That Mould – a mission-driven publisher and digital media company dedicated to reshaping the harmful narrative that tells us we aren’t good enough as we are.

Having lived a somewhat unconventional life herself, she is extremely aware of how much our wellbeing and self-worth is affected by what is expected of us socially. That, and the endless messaging we receive about what is ‘normal’. Tracey now focuses on writing content that promotes tolerance, aids free-thinking, and supports our sense of self-acceptance.


Everybody's Body Tracey Rimell

Everybody’s Body

A body positive picture book for children aged 3-8, designed to plant healthy seeds that help children understand their own worth, while also encouraging them to be kind to themselves and others.