Break That Mould Podcast

On the podcast I explore why there’s no right way to be a human and how many of the things we perceive as ‘normal’ are really just opinion. Speaking to my own experiences from the profound to the downright embarrassing, I share some of the knowledge I have gathered over years of being a mental health carer, qualified Reiki Master, and woman who has learned to go against social expectations. The show covers self-love, sexuality, relationships, mental health, wellbeing, body image, and how we can make peace with our true selves.

Episodes released every fortnight.

How to Make a Big Decision or Life Change Break That Mould

From career shifts to relationships or personal decisions, a life change can sometimes feel so big we become paralysed by doubt and unable to move forward. This episode explores how we can break down big changes to make them more manageable, and how to adjust our thinking to make the process less emotionally or practically overwhelming. Website: Instagram:  YouTube: 
  1. How to Make a Big Decision or Life Change
  2. Romantic Rejection and Personal Power
  3. Sexuality Labels and our Sense of Identity
  4. Learning to Break the Mould
  5. Break That Mould Trailer