Tracey Rimell, Founder

Wellbeing advocate Tracey Rimell, initially founded Break That Mould (BTM) as a blog while studying journalism in 2015, later expanding it into a full mission-driven media company in 2021.

Tracey has varied experience and training across the media and communications industry, and also in wellbeing and alternative therapies.

Previously acting as a mental health carer and supporting multiple family members through serious health conditions, gave her profound empathy for people who fall outside of the social mould. It also prompted her to train in Reiki energy healing and counselling skills. Having lived a somewhat unconventional life herself, she became sorely aware of how much our wellbeing and self-worth is affected by what is expected of us socially. That, and the endless messaging we receive about what is ‘normal’.

She now combines her creative digital flare with her knowledge of wellbeing, to produce content designed to support people’s sense of self-acceptance and compassion.