Money mindset: how to earn a living on your own terms

Did you know money has energy? Receiving money is actually about tuning into an energetic flow, and anyone can learn to do it. Ironically, hard work and clocking in 9-5 isn’t the best way either.

The notion that we have to put in hard graft to ‘earn our place’ and climb a corporate ladder is a value leftover from an older energy paradigm.

Everything has energy, from atoms and molecules to thoughts and ideas. And we as a society also have a mass energy. As we evolve so too does our energetic vibration, both as individuals and as a culture. The ‘hard work’ conditioning belongs to a cultural vibration that is on the way out, while a newer energy of creativity, flow, and allowing is becoming more anchored into our way of life.

You can see that new paradigm all over the place, with increasing numbers of entrepreneurs and self-starters, new ways to generate wealth like Kick Starter and Go Fund Me, and creative ways of generating passive income on the rise. But what does that all have to do with energy?

Energy wants to flow. In order for something to flow, it has to find its own path of least resistance. Water will naturally flow downhill and working hard to push it in the other direction will have little effect. Energy is similar. We can try to exert force over something in order to make it go a particular way, or we can relax and let it flow of its own accord. Wealth has an energetic flow and we can battle away trying to earn money by working long hours, believing money is in limited supply and only a certain amount is realistic, or we can shift our beliefs around wealth and begin to tune into that downstream flow.

Obviously some people in the world have more money than others. Sometimes a lot more. How we perceive money shapes our own energy on the topic. For example, if you have grown up in a poorer household, it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume you feel money is scarce and you’ll only ever have so much. Whereas someone who grew up in a wealthy household might simply assume they too will be wealthy.

There are two factors at play here. Of course the richer person will have an easier time starting off as they had money to begin with. But it doesn’t stop there. It is absolutely possible to have money and lose it. Or to never truly become independent and make your own money. But many people from wealthy or entrepreneurial backgrounds do thrive independently. And part of that is down to their perception of money. We might call it entitlement; the assumption that you are simply worth something by default. That you are entitled to wealth and success. But here’s the thing – you are.

When we are born into lesser circumstances, we often believe otherwise, and that belief can get in the way of us tuning into wealth and abundance. Our lens on the world is that money is earned in units of time (eg pay by the hour), labour, and generally blood sweat and tears. That energy is full of resistance and is effectively like trying to push water up hill.

People who become high earners usually have a different outlook. A total belief that they will be successful. And that belief carries with it an energy that is more in tune with the flow of abundance. Therefore, they tune in more easily to the energetic flow of money.


Imagine you’re driving along and you want to listen to country music. You switch on the radio and all you get are cheesy pop songs one after the other. The harder you listen and wish for country tunes, the more pop comes blaring out of the speakers. You start to feel frustrated and like there are way more pop songs in the world than country. That’s unfair!

A car pulls up alongside you with the window down and the latest country hit effortlessly flowing from their sound system. WFT? Why do they have it and you don’t? Sure their car is flashier and the antenna isn’t rusty like yours. But no amount of fancy new car is going to make country music come out of your radio. Why? Because you’re tuned into Pop FM.

The moment you realise this, you start fiddling with the tuner and searching for a country music station. And bam there it is! It’s a little fuzzy at first on account of the rusty radio antenna, but the country music is there playing through the airwaves like it always was… you just weren’t tuned into it before. Now you realise that station is always on air playing your favourite songs, you don’t feel quite so frustrated. And as you fine-tune your radio to this new frequency, the signal gets clearer and stronger. You may need to fiddle with the tuner as you travel along and pass different twists and turns on your journey, but now you know how to find what you’re looking for, it gets easier and easier. Country FM becomes your new normal.

And for the cheap seats at the back, Country FM in this little yarn represents Money FM. Just so we’re all on the same page.


Ok, so if we tune into the flow of money, does that mean a bag of cash is going to fall from the sky and make us millionaires? Probably not. What it does mean though is that opportunities will begin to show up. These might be very small subtle things. Like a moment of inspiration that pops into your mind. A conversation where someone says something that you needed to know. A post in your social media feed that you pay attention to. A job listing, a new class, a networking opportunity, a creative idea… it could be anything. And it won’t be one thing. It will be a flow of small opportunities that it’s up to you to act on if they feel right for you.

It’s a process of smaller steps starting right where you are, whether you are Richie Rich or have nothing but the clothes on your back. What comes first is a subtle mental shift where your expectations begin to evolve.

If you can work on your mindset to reshape how you understand money and what you expect from it, you can tune yourself into this flow. And as those mini opportunities come and you start acting on them, you start taking small steps forward toward your goals. The more steps you take, the more tuned in you can become, making the process easier as you practise it. And it does take practice so don’t be disheartened if it feels weird or fruitless at first. We don’t reshape our entire subconscious belief system in one easy blog read! We have to work with our mindset for as long as it takes to shift those beliefs that are getting in the way.


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