HI EVERYONE! I’m Tracey—writer, actor, and inclusion advocate. I started Break That Mould to encourage conversations, challenge social assumptions, and open up minds about what ‘should’ be. How many times have you told yourself you can’t do something? How often does what others think hold you back? Do you feel free to be your true authentic self?

I used to be self-conscious and concerned about what people thought of me. I followed the usual roadmap of university, full time job, and long-term relationship, until one day I realised I was a free spirit and needed to live on my own terms. I gave it all up to take charge of creating the life I truly wanted for myself. I gave myself permission to lead my relationships as I chose instead of following the social rules. I took a chance on an unknown path and I never looked back!

I have had a colourful career across music, theatre, and publishing, and have had wonderful relationships in a variety of unconventional formats. Over the years I have discovered a lot about myself and learned to go my own way regardless of the expectations of the world around me. I hope my words might offer a fresh perspective and help you to ditch the ‘shoulding’!

You have the right to be who you truly are. You are enough.