Have you ever been told you don’t look right? That your lifestyle choice is unacceptable? Or the way you think or act isn’t normal?

Welcome to my blog! I’m Tracey Rimell – writer and advocate of tolerance and open-mindedness. I first started blogging to help my public profile, but never felt like writing about work no matter what exciting career developments occurred. I realized that I was more passionate about writing from the heart and trying to help people think outside the box when it comes to our perception of what’s ‘normal’.

Living a somewhat unconventional life and often one to challenge the social rules, I have felt the sting of judgment from others and also from myself; from self-esteem and body-image challenges to unwanted societal labels and being held back by fear of failure.

I spent many years being an advocate for others, always rooting for the underdog, and only now in my mid-thirties have I finally started to be kinder to myself and give me as much understanding as I would someone else.┬áIt’s a journey and I definitely have a way to go, but it’s one I want to share with anyone who has ever doubted themselves, felt judged, or is open to expanding their perception of who they ‘should’ be. Because people are people. No labels required.

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